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A Thank You to all Firefighters

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Firefighters, real life heroes in our communities. Thank you for you all that you do.

On May 4th, 2018 we will be celebrating International Firefighters Day (IFFD). It is a day to pay our respects to all the firefighters of the past and present who have, and continue to risk their lives.  Every firefighter, man or woman, deserves recognition.

The job of a firefighter is an extremely selfless job.  Often, the rewards a firefighter gets are not that of material possession.  It is an intangible reward.  It can be something as simple as the look in a survivors eyes whom they’ve helped rescue. Or a grateful, joyous smile of a child as a family is reunited, safe and sound.

As a firefighter, it can be a self-esteem boost to know that your actions have made a positive impact in another person’s life.  Few things can compare to the sense of pride in one’s community, to know that their constant efforts help to protect the community that they endear. This profession helps to create strong, informal leaders of mankind, and a parental figure to those in a time of need.

Although these rewards are not a physical possession to be held, they are much harder to obtain than diamonds. The value of such an internally personal reward cannot be measured by any current system in existence.  This is why we must take the time to pay homage to all of the men and women who constitute the firefighter departments around the world. For although we may not be able to give them anything of material possession, a showing of gratitude, respect, and a sincere appreciation is the least we can do for these extraordinary members of our society, whom help protect human lives all around the world.

So on behalf of all of us at SERVPRO: thank you to all of the men and women who serve and protect their communities all over the world.  Please enjoy this poem by Nadia De Levea:

Thin Red Line

by Nadia DeLevea

Though flames may roar,

And raging fires sore.

When fear stricken heart,

We always play our part.

The bleak unsure smoke rises dense and dark,

Each moment grows longer with each little spark.

No matter the struggle we keep fighting through,

Alert and aware we know what we must do.

Blink to a hand just before

our face,

Against the clock we must quickly race.

For when it gets down to the last desperate wire,

Swift and efficient we will put out that fire.

Though the chances are we’ve never met,

When needed a savior you can always expect.

While echoed sirens may blare and ring,

We hear the muffled night cries sing.

There’s no such thing as simple routine,

Ignoring monotony that lies in between.  

Very real consequences we are more than aware,

From possible situations beyond any compare.

Not a second allowed for one breath of fear,

Never a moment to shed a single silent tear.

Because when you’re in desperate dire need,

We will always strive our very best to succeed.

Blood flowing in Red, White and Blue,

We’re Brothers dedicated in all that we do.

In death’s darkest shadows we may dare to roam,

Yet we know that we may each not always come home.

This is our deepest heartfelt desire,

Given to us from a place so much higher.

In all that we do each risk taken for you,

Our passion runs deep we’re dedicated and true.

Some tend to forget that this is our real life,

That we also have children, friends and our wife.

We walk the thin line though it sometimes narrows,

In this world we are someone’s real life superheroes.

In case you forget dear when you leave in the morning,

I ask you darling to please head my forewarning.

When overcome with adrenalin I remind you to fight,

To come home yourself dear at the end of each night.

Poem sourced from: https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2058863/thin-red-line/

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